2007-06-05 People should mind their own beeswax.
2007-03-07 Hello, my name is Lass.
10.17.06 On the move.
10.17.06 Ugh.
10.15.06 Yes we're going to a party, party.
2006-10-13 Stormy weather.
2006-10-09 You take the good you take the bad...
10.05.06 No.
10.01.06 Let's see....
10.01.06 You can keep your Pottery Barn catalog...
Breakfast, anyone?
Breakfast, anyone?
Laughter IS the best medicine. I think.
2006-09-22 One step beyond...(now with edits!)
Help me.
2006-09-20 Preschool confidential!
My head, she hurts.
2006-09-13 Hello everybody, so glad to see you...
2006-09-12 Five years hence.
2006-09-09 Mother of five.
2006-09-07 God bless you, Fox network.
2006-09-05 So...
2006-08-30 Had enough yet?
2006-08-28 Haunted.
2006-08-24 A regular riot.
2006-08-23 Letter.
2006-08-22 Putting the "fun" in funeral.
2006-08-20 It's 2:30 in the morning...
2006-08-15 My father.
2006-08-09 Ackity ack.
2006-08-06 Not so great, thanks.
2006-08-04 And furthermore...
2006-08-04 Oop-ip-ip-oop-ip-ip YEAH!
2006-07-31 Back.
2006-07-23 Over dere by Chicago dere.
2006-07-21 Distractions.
2006-07-20 Sizing it up.
2006-07-19 Life is beautiful. Death, not so much.
2006-07-19 Don't leave me hangin' on the telephone...
2006-07-18 It's bizarro world, Jerry!
2006-07-17 My dad...
2006-07-17 Dear Diary,
2006-07-16 Actually, he IS a rocket scientist.
2006-07-14 Warning: detalied description of ladyworks problems ahead.
2006-07-12 You say you need a new time-waster?
2006-07-10 Bad grammar and loose sentence structure, ahoy!
2006-07-08 Like a virgin.
2006-07-07 Random oddities and information.
2006-07-06 No go.
2006-07-03 Resentful?
2006-06-30 Bye-bye, week.
2006-06-27 Overheard.
2006-06-25 Everybody's working for the weekend.
2006-06-22 Writey.
2006-06-20 P.S.
2006-06-20 Listen to some Material Issue today.
2006-06-19 That spoke done broke.
2006-06-16 The signs were always there.
2006-06-14 Let's play post office.
2006-06-12 Dream image, not my own.
2006-06-12 Who do the YouTube that you do so well?
2006-06-11 In dreams, I walk with you...
2006-06-09 All you do to me is talk, talk...
2006-06-06 The devil made me do it.
2006-06-05 Do not anger Happy Fun Ball.
2006-06-01 The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play.
2006-05-30 O mystery brother, where art thou?
2006-05-25 And now the week really HAS gotten better...
2006-05-24 How could my week possibly get better, you ask?
2006-05-24 Gah. And blah.
2006-05-22 SOS
2006-05-21 Did you hear that?
2006-05-20 She used to walk singin' songs by the river...
2006-05-19 Thank you, tequila.
2006-05-14 Yo, mama.
2006-05-11 I want my mommy.
2006-05-03 Happy 50th Birthday, Play-Doh
2006-04-20 Yo.
2006-04-05 Who sucks at updating?
2006-03-30 Hello, Diaryland!
2006-03-23 Three years ago today, I met S.
2006-03-19 Wagons, ho!
2006-03-15 They took my favorite book of all time...
2006-03-14 Conversations.
2006-03-12 How satisfying is YOUR shaving experience, ladies?
2006-03-11 Ka-boom!
2006-03-08 Pho Ho
2006-03-08 Are you there, internet? It's me, Lass.
2006-03-06 In lieu of an entry...
2006-03-04 Hello, Saturday...
2006-03-03 Ever have one of those days...
2006-03-02 Want a dog?
2006-02-25 Don Knotts, I used to have a crush on you.
2006-02-25 Yay!
2006-02-24 Big fun happy Thursday!!!!!
2006-02-21 Blah to the blah.
2006-02-16 Are you an animal lover?
2006-02-15 Happy Balemtimes Day.
2006-02-14 Nothing says "Happy Valentines Day" better than a rabid cat.
2006-02-13 Ugh. Lame entry hastily typed from notes.
2006-02-08 Kanye West Isn't Fit To Suck Sly Stone's Dick.
2006-02-07 So, today was...
2006-02-06 Rest in peace, Miss Ella A.
2006-02-05 Suckage abounding.
2006-01-25 Does a list of stupid links count as an entry?
2006-01-22 Next Stop Nowhere.
2006-01-21 Do you like...stuff?
2006-01-16 Wading in the meme pool.
2006-01-15 The Year of the Lazy Ass.
2006-01-09 I know I promised pictures...
2006-01-08 When we last saw the Lass....
2006-01-01 Feliz Ano Nuevo
2005-04-07 What can be petted?

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