2002-12-31 pony.
2002-12-31 took my hivey ass for a walk.
2002-12-31 hives.
2002-12-31 and, to further upset me...
2002-12-31 no really, i WANT to be home tonight...
2002-12-31 holy shit.
2002-12-31 but it could be worse...
2002-12-31 scary new year baby.
2002-12-31 new year.
2002-12-31 my friend andrew and i want all of you to party, party hard tonight
2002-12-31 staying put.
2002-12-31 dreams
2002-12-30 texas, you vex us.
2002-12-30 vapid.
2002-12-29 dear crush man,
2002-12-29 i put my cash on the kitchen counter
2002-12-29 i can't seem to motivate out of here today...
2002-12-29 i want so badly...
2002-12-28 as an added bonus:
2002-12-28 scary, scary television
2002-12-28 why the hell is anyone paying attention to these nutjobs?
2002-12-28 oh yes, i am home.
2002-12-29 i just want to go home
2002-12-29 did i mention?
2002-12-28 oh, and if you live in corpus christi, tx
2002-12-28 day three
2002-12-28 yee-haw!
2002-12-27 day two, part two.
2002-12-27 oh, and i had a weird dream
2002-12-27 day two, part 1.
2002-12-27 day one.
2002-12-25 ch-ch-ch-ch-changes...
2002-12-25 demands are being made of my time
2002-12-24 thank you, come again.
2002-12-24 i still miss someone.
2002-12-23 picture postin' mama...
2002-12-23 dear lynda barry, thank you for this.
2002-12-24 rest in peace, mr. strummer.
2002-12-23 i am accidentally-on-purpose...
2002-12-23 my magic relationship with t.
2002-12-22 i'm hoping that after i read the taxidermy book...
2002-12-22 and so they shopped
2002-12-22 things i want to do in 2003
2002-12-22 santa better be watching...
2002-12-22 ho, ho, ho.
2002-12-22 i promised jozka i'd never do this, but...
2002-12-22 why am i awake at 6am on a sunday?
2002-12-22 happy holidays...
2002-12-21 slee-pee
2002-12-21 i could really use a kiss right now.
2002-12-21 you people are too good to me...
2002-12-21 i'm thinking i need a new hobby in 2003...
2002-12-20 mission accomplished.
2002-12-20 bah fricking humbug
2002-12-20 meaningful to one whose friendship means a lot to me.
2002-12-20 better yet, post something
2002-12-20 mature adult? me?
2002-12-19 okay, it's basically just scrambled eggs in a pie shell...
2002-12-19 no mystery nickels today.
2002-12-19 the previous entry
2002-12-19 i am cooking dinner for myself.
2002-12-20 hey rdg, here's your man.
2002-12-19 yumma yumma?
2002-12-18 i would also like to announce the return of the mystery nickels.
2002-12-18 and...and...
2002-12-18 balance.
2002-12-19 what's cool about my job?
2002-12-18 cool!
2002-12-18 mother nature brought me a present last night
2002-12-18 cruuuuuuuuush.
2002-12-17 damn.
2002-12-17 what do you say...
2002-12-17 my fashion statement.
2002-12-17 maddest of props
2002-12-17 oh, those harvard boys...
2002-12-17 lolly, lolly, lolly get your adverbs...
2002-12-17 i am wide awake at 5am
2002-12-17 able was i...
2002-12-16 conversation.
2002-12-17 step back, my circuits are frying.
2002-12-16 cryp-tic.
2002-12-16 i don't love paris in the springtime.
2002-12-16 live! one night only!!
2002-12-16 "i have come for the one they call jozka."
2002-12-16 i have post e-mail embarassment.
2002-12-15 okay, no need to bring this diary into the real world
2002-12-15 human league headache
2002-12-15 what i really need right now
2002-12-15 dear, dear, dear diary,
2002-12-15 dear, dear diary,
2002-12-15 dear diary,
2002-12-14 holy crap.
2002-12-14 i saw portraits and purty rocks
2002-12-14 everybody, i implore you to...
2002-12-14 weird fact of the day.
2002-12-14 oh, yeah!
2002-12-14 life is beautiful.
2002-12-13 this is just cool.
2002-12-13 tomorrow, a trip to elmhurst
2002-12-13 meteor shower tonight
2002-12-13 another exciting installment of..."my day so far":
2002-12-13 or to quote another zen master....
2002-12-13 a small lesson for the delightful friend.
2002-12-13 the creepy mathematician.
2002-12-13 "delightful."
2002-12-13 such sad news.
2002-12-13 nog stories.
2002-12-12 veg, if you're out there, i have some bad news for you.
2002-12-12 the dreams i'm dreaming...
2002-12-11 and just to completely contradict myself...
2002-12-11 in my continuing efforts to remind everyone that puppets are bad
2002-12-11 someone in england is thinking of me
2002-12-11 call me...the gourmet!
2002-12-11 further ruminations on being a redhead.
2002-12-12 yes, they match.
2002-12-11 makes me wanna holler, throw up both my hands.
2002-12-11 dear santa (part two),
2002-12-11 life is beautiful
2002-12-11 drifting off...
2002-12-10 right now, i would give almost anything
2002-12-10 eeeeeee-k.
2002-12-10 melrose place, chicago.
2002-12-10 do i have anything of substance to say?
2002-12-09 ay chihuahua...
2002-12-09 meditation
2002-12-09 this one's for the ladies...
2002-12-08 dear santa claus,
2002-12-08 "wonder twin powers, activate!"
2002-12-08 can you feel it?
2002-12-07 on an unrelated note:
2002-12-07 suicide.
2002-12-07 twentytwentytwentyfour hours to go
2002-12-07 man, am i tired.
2002-12-06 to my very special pal.
2002-12-06 dreams.
2002-12-06 to anyone who's interested
2002-12-06 my day so far
2002-12-05 when i walked out of work tonight
2002-12-05 i have something to say
2002-12-04 thank you, my faraway friend.
2002-12-04 "everyone's watchin' to see what you will dooooo"
2002-12-05 yes, justin, it IS the city that works...
2002-12-04 they're working!!
2002-12-04 dear city of chicago,
2002-12-04 this just in...
2002-12-03 you can find really strange postcards at osco...
2002-12-03 my node ih stupped up.
2002-12-04 nothing of note to say today.
2002-12-02 fuck.
2002-12-02 permission granted.
2002-12-02 it's another huge picture...
2002-12-02 did i hear someone say "destroy all monsters"?
2002-12-02 people of chicago, hear me now: you MUST attend this show.
2002-12-02 i met another dlander last night
2002-12-02 i promise this is the last entry on this subject. for a while at least.
2002-12-01 and yes, i talked to e. tonight
2002-12-01 self-critique.
2002-12-01 world aids day.
2002-12-01 dear free cell game #44367,
2002-12-01 "please, return the egg to us."
2002-12-01 not to beat a jet-powered flying turtle...
2002-12-01 smoke daddy.
2002-11-30 who is the children's friend?
2002-11-30 and now i am in tears
2002-11-30 "so, is it pink?"
2002-11-30 there is no way to describe how i'm feeling
2002-11-30 other people i encountered last night:
2002-11-30 dear john porcellino,
2002-11-30 shocking confession!! 100% true!!
2002-11-30 showdown in chi-town.
2002-11-30 visit from dad today.
2002-11-30 new pornographer.
2002-11-30 something is in the air.
2002-11-29 "all of them got dead but they were still coming from somewhere"
2002-11-29 in conclusion,
2002-11-29 okay, i'll say it.
2002-11-29 oh, my.
2002-11-29 i'm getting things done today
2002-11-29 there is much to say...
2002-11-29 i awoke at 4 am
2002-11-28 one thing.
2002-11-28 egad.
2002-11-28 q: what's a sure sign of someone with nothing to say?
2002-11-28 happy thanksgiving
2002-11-27 do i listen well enough?
2002-11-27 oooh!!!!
2002-11-27 sunday, double j.
2002-11-27 my big night.
2002-11-27 itchy.
2002-11-27 it just took me two hours to drive home...
2002-11-27 today i will work.
2002-11-26 sorry about all the pics today
2002-11-26 attention shoppers!
2002-11-26 apolo? oh YES! (by request)
2002-11-26 calling all cars...calling all cars...
2002-11-26 overdue moment of clarity.
2002-11-26 aaahhhh....
2002-11-26 i had some of this mysterious liquid last night
2002-11-26 two days off.
2002-11-26 i was going to delete last night's self-pitying entry
2002-11-25 i am full and tipsy and sleepy
2002-11-25 call me martha stewart
2002-11-25 whoops
2002-11-25 listening to an npr retrospective on this man:
2002-11-25 dland etiquette.
2002-11-25 i believe in mr. tweed.
2002-11-25 oh yes, another dream...
2002-11-25 i think i better go to the grocery store on my way to work this morning...
2002-11-25 "goldfing-ah....
2002-11-25 i usually like it when people drop in on me unannounced...
2002-11-24 and now, dear reader,
2002-11-24 if e. stops by again tonight
2002-11-24 needed: fun
2002-11-24 ode.
2002-11-24 honeycomb's big, yeah yeah yeah!
2002-11-24 further proof of my geekiness...
2002-11-24 e. is making me french toast
2002-11-24 in yo face, mr. t!
2002-11-23 but the good thing about my anger is...
2002-11-23 gee, do i seem angry tonight?
2002-11-23 bad taste in my mouth
2002-11-23 i have a VERY funny story to tell
2002-11-23 idea!
2002-11-23 chapter three of...the scurrier!!
2002-11-23 "i have a penis."
2002-11-23 dear god, make him stoooopppp!
2002-11-23 obsession of the day
2002-11-22 oh mama, can this really be the end
2002-11-22 dreamy dreamy dreams
2002-11-21 ahahahahahaaaa!
2002-11-21 i think jozka and i just simultaneously emailed each other...
2002-11-21 pardon me, but...
2002-11-21 now if you'll excuse me...
2002-11-21 i'm getting an uncomfortable vibe...
2002-11-21 now i KNOW i'm going mad...
2002-11-20 "911 sniper calls show fear, confusion"
2002-11-20 bored and restless.
2002-11-20 stuck-in-my-head-song-of-the-day
2002-11-20 if i were one of the seven dwarves...
2002-11-20 "perspective" happened at the gold star!
2002-11-20 "we got married in a fever, hotter than a pepper sprout"
2002-11-19 and might i just add...
2002-11-19 far-away friend,
2002-11-19 may be i really am losing it...
2002-11-18 the boy wants more??!!
2002-11-18 since i seem unable to communicate clearly,
2002-11-18 back...away..from...the...lass
2002-11-17 in praise of mike and mary h.
2002-11-17 embarassing admission
2002-11-16 oh well...
2002-11-16 what does a water dream mean?
2002-11-16 more dreams of water
2002-11-16 SSSSssssssssssss......
2002-11-16 far-away friend,
2002-11-16 i wrote something last night...
2002-11-15 "spectacular terrorism"
2002-11-15 it's an illness...
2002-11-15 sloth.
2002-11-15 grocery store stories
2002-11-15 "tiiiimmmbbberrrrr!"
2002-11-15 weird, wonderful dreams
2002-11-14 john fante
2002-11-14 hey jason...
2002-11-14 dear diary,
2002-11-14 tomorrow's list
2002-11-14 nothing better than a two-hour drive home
2002-11-14 "how cold is it?
2002-11-13 here's a pic from last night...
2002-11-13 does anyone out there have a flat-screen monitor?
2002-11-13 it's a theme...
2002-11-13 did i mention?
2002-11-12 BIG heads
2002-11-12 bwahahahaa!
2002-11-13 computer karma
2002-11-11 it burns! it blinds!!!
2002-11-11 how dare it rain on my day off!
2002-11-11 don't ask me what i think
2002-11-11 dream hangover.
2002-11-10 dear jim,
2002-11-10 "what'd you say, BITCH?!"
2002-11-10 there's got to be a morning affffftttaaahhh
2002-11-10 more words for the far-away friend.
2002-11-09 my apartment looks like a funeral home lobby
2002-11-08 more creepy puppets!!
2002-11-08 okay, I spent less than an hour out
2002-11-08 my boring day.
2002-11-08 lone she-wolf.
2002-11-08 wondering.
2002-11-08 a snack-food product for sturge.
2002-11-08 dear chicago protesters,
2002-11-08 new glasses.
2002-11-08 made-up version of the catfight story for justin and jason...
2002-11-07 on the turntable tonight:
2002-11-07 my brother is married to a shrew.
2002-11-07 chapter two of....the scurrier!!
2002-11-08 cat fight!
2002-11-07 the fever is gone.
2002-11-06 blah...i've got a fever again.
2002-11-07 dear far-away friend,
2002-11-07 "so now you're back...from outer space..."
2002-11-06 who next? penny? will???
2002-11-06 this morning i awoke to find...
2002-11-06 i love my turntable!
2002-11-05 3rd floor hottie
2002-11-05 you are in over your head, my friend.
2002-11-05 i was just reminded of this...
2002-11-05 mmmm....
2002-11-06 "anger is an energy"...
2002-11-06 i see london, i see france
2002-11-05 "the scurrier"
2002-11-05 okey dokey.
2002-11-05 good morning.
2002-11-04 check out these idiots.
2002-11-04 the skiffle king is dead. long live the skiffle king!
2002-11-04 how big a geek am i?
2002-11-04 grocery store.
2002-11-04 and the winner for today's weirdest google hit goes to...
2002-11-04 my buddy list has gone haywire...haywire i say!
2002-11-04 "you look as stoic as a test-pattern indian."
2002-11-04 i'm not sure how this makes me feel...
2002-11-04 wow!!!!!!!!!!
2002-11-03 vinyl vinyl vinyl!!!!!!!!!
2002-11-03 confessional, typical diary-type entry.
2002-11-03 open the pod bay door, hal...
2002-11-03 jimmy crack corn and i don't care.
2002-11-03 behold, the jackalope in all his glory.
2002-11-03 calling dr. bombay, calling dr. bombay...
2002-11-03 i'm a lover, not a fighter
2002-11-03 "jesus motherfucking christ, tina!!"
2002-11-02 plethora of idiots
2002-11-02 i can't remember.
2002-11-02 can i get a witness?
2002-11-02 i had a little too much club foot last night.
2002-11-01 not for the faint of heart.
2002-11-01 no...nooooooo! i don't wanna get happy!
2002-11-01 to the scary sherman alexie fan who emailed me
2002-11-01 trick or treat
2002-11-01 last night
2002-10-31 i think i'm getting a cold
2002-10-31 i just had me a good old time reading someone's diary.
2002-10-31 halloween is...
2002-11-01 i have nothing to say
2002-10-30 night of the giant shaggs
2002-10-30 delayed reaction?
2002-10-30 birthday present.
2002-10-30 resentful
2002-10-30 i dream of flea...
2002-10-30 five- year- old sage
2002-10-30 tv ghosts
2002-10-30 yesterday i met a guy
2002-10-30 blah blah blah.
2002-10-30 sherman alexie, you can bite me.
2002-10-30 homage to the podge
2002-10-30 so, i said goodnight and then...
2002-10-30 the haunted room.
2002-10-30 oh my.
2002-10-30 duplicity. (for a friend)
2002-10-30 i think i'll work backwards.
2002-10-28 someone just had a birthday. this is for him.
2002-10-28 reminder to myself
2002-10-28 fully loaded weekend
2002-10-24 pre-flight jitters have set in.
2002-10-24 if the devil is six, if the devil is six
2002-10-24 ink to paper
2002-10-24 i dreamt of jackasses.
2002-10-24 "cobain's journals reveal tortured soul"
2002-10-23 i hear dallas boys are total man-hos.
2002-10-23 i should be packing for my trip
2002-10-23 to my charming and delightful downstairs neighbor.
2002-10-22 "yummy, yummy, yummy
2002-10-22 morning haiku
2002-10-21 it's haiku time
2002-10-21 trippin'
2002-10-21 here's a picture of frenchie and me.
2002-10-20 whoops, one last thing.
2002-10-20 woodchuck!
2002-10-20 what a beautiful day...
2002-10-20 half a pot of coffee later...
2002-10-20 could you look at this page more quietly, please?
2002-10-20 foo foo ca choo...
2002-10-19 say kids, do you like to waste time on the internet?
2002-10-19 another date with frenchie.
2002-10-19 googalicious
2002-10-18 ladies night postponed
2002-10-18 oh yes it's ladies night...
2002-10-18 why shouldn't i go to the grocery store before eating?
2002-10-18 greetings from my street.
2002-10-18 something cool to do this sunday.
2002-10-18 fridays are goooood.
2002-10-17 rest in peace, derek bell.
2002-10-17 dear elvis costello,
2002-10-17 elvis costello at the chicago theatre tonight.
2002-10-16 i heard a song today that almost broke my heart.
2002-10-16 uh-oh...
2002-10-16 "i am the god of hellfire and i bring you..."
2002-10-15 possibly the most mundane entry ever.
2002-10-15 i'm taking my 12-year-old nephew to his first all-ages show this saturday
2002-10-14 attention word nerds:
2002-10-14 the good doctor e.
2002-10-14 my heaaaaaddd.....
2002-10-13 i wish i was the moon tonight...
2002-10-13 jason made me laugh last night. a lot.
2002-10-12 i'll admit it.
2002-10-12 party conversation!!! guaranteed 100% accurate!!! read it here!!!
2002-10-11 "drop-kick me, jesus...
2002-10-11 i am being dogged
2002-10-11 the little angel over my right shoulder and...
2002-10-11 ode upon my trip to target on elston
2002-10-11 this makes me very happy.
2002-10-11 give e. a middle name
2002-10-11 purchased at the grocery store
2002-10-11 overheard in the grocery store
2002-10-10 hey, miss stumbles!!!
2002-10-10 to the people i've emailed tonight
2002-10-09 convo with my friend in virginia:
2002-10-09 attention budding chicago authors with 20 bucks to burn:
2002-10-09 i dunno, mr. emailer guy.
2002-10-09 two weeks, dallas.
2002-10-09 in about two seconds...
2002-10-09 in 1492 columbus sailed the ocean blue...
2002-10-09 freelance client, how do i hate thee?
2002-10-09 don't play coy with me, people.
2002-10-10 chicago-area readers, if you need something to do this sunday...
2002-10-10 dang it.
2002-10-10 ooh, free time!
2002-10-09 illinois commemorative quarter
2002-10-09 whoopsy daisy
2002-10-09 Survey says?!
2002-10-08 "you can have it all, now you're dancin' for your life..."
2002-10-08 fun facts!
2002-10-08 how much wood would a woodchuck chuck
2002-10-08 shit.
2002-10-08 dreams of rock stars.
2002-10-07 treehouse obsession
2002-10-06 ish kabibble.
2002-10-06 links for a few of you.
2002-10-06 my weekend.
2002-10-04 le coffee with le librarian...
2002-10-04 le thanks, le fred
2002-10-04 all is well in lassville.
2002-10-03 more puppet insanity.
2002-10-03 sacre bleu!
2002-10-02 how weird am i? this weird:
2002-10-02 animatronic bears? animatronic taxidermied bears?? i give up.
2002-10-02 attacked by my subconscious as i slept.
2002-10-01 well, i got one cheap thrill...
2002-10-01 really now ms. veg, how can you say bodybuilding is silly??!!
2002-10-01 maybe he's just calling to say hi...
2002-09-30 oh yes...
2002-09-30 out the window.
2002-09-30 too...much...thai food...
2002-10-01 ha!
2002-10-01 i'm having a really good day today.
2002-09-30 ????
2002-09-30 why i love my job, part 23,654
2002-09-30 the creepy dentist.
2002-09-29 what's my sign?
2002-09-29 to my faithful reader from NASA
2002-09-29 spank me, s.
2002-09-29 get over yourself.
2002-09-29 living in the treehouse
2002-09-28 hey d, when i google-searched your name i got this:
2002-09-28 goooooood morning, miss lass!
2002-09-28 i think this is the only comment i need to make on the bob greene affair
2002-09-27 "e-lec-tric-al banana is gonna be a sudden craze..."
2002-09-27 hmmm...
2002-09-27 my hair is bouncin' and behavin'
2002-09-27 it's corey flintoff.
2002-09-26 have i ever mentioned that this is one of my favorite movies?
2002-09-27 *sigh*
2002-09-27 in other news...
2002-09-27 the man in the picture is NOT...
2002-09-26 h to the izzo
2002-09-25 if any one of you knows who this man is...
2002-09-25 timing is everything
2002-09-24 and since i am addressing specific people tonight...
2002-09-24 oh, and thanks ever-so, Jane
2002-09-24 i am smacking myself on the head...
2002-09-23 here's what my nephew wants to be for halloween
2002-09-23 ugh.
2002-09-23 ah...ah....ah....ahhhhhhhchoooooooo!
2002-09-22 home from the wigwam
2002-09-22 my friend "hahm"
2002-09-20 oh look, it's almost a picture of me!!
2002-09-20 yay technology!
2002-09-20 ooh...this makes me unhappy!
2002-09-20 ooh, this makes me happy!
2002-09-19 illin'
2002-09-19 lame-o.
2002-09-19 it was chicago rock star night tonight
2002-09-18 i have a lot of reasons to dislike billy corgan...
2002-09-18 i had a dream that someone was knocking on my door...
2002-09-17 leroy!!!!
2002-09-17 the full moon isn't til saturday
2002-09-17 the things people read into this diary
2002-09-18 taking a deep breath...
2002-09-17 tired.
2002-09-16 c'mon people, feel the love...
2002-09-16 does this entry make me look fat?
2002-09-16 latent autism.
2002-09-16 goooood morning!
2002-09-15 dear god in heaven...nooooo!
2002-09-15 song stuck in my head.
2002-09-15 ha ha ha ha.
2002-09-15 another naked emperor revealed...
2002-09-14 sorry jason, i deleted it.
2002-09-14 tired and nothing to say.
2002-09-13 introducing my first love.
2002-09-13 greetings from fucking chicago, fuckers.
2002-09-13 linky lass
2002-09-13 i was searching google for a picture of circus peanuts...
2002-09-13 cryptic message to dallas #2
2002-09-13 eww-eww-ewwwwwwwwww!
2002-09-13 happy friday the 13th
2002-09-12 bwahahahaha!
2002-09-13 it's a national tragedy! it's a tv show! look at our ratings soar!!!
2002-09-12 things can change so quickly
2002-09-12 innocence lost.
2002-09-11 Buddhist Prayer for Peace.
2002-09-10 blissfully alone (if only for a short while)
2002-09-10 it's a puzzlement!
2002-09-10 from "The Three Gems"
2002-09-10 ah...much better...
2002-09-10 feelings...nothing more than feelings...
2002-09-09 Ramble on!
2002-09-09 perspective.
2002-09-10 how am i?
2002-09-09 third floor hottie update
2002-09-09 t. called last night
2002-09-09 today's agenda.
2002-09-09 "mr. subterfuge"
2002-09-08 lots of company.
2002-09-08 i am afraid.
2002-09-08 mmm...mmm... good
2002-09-08 the chicago tribune
2002-09-08 my tendency toward procrastination...
2002-09-08 cough-cough-hack-hack
2002-09-08 damon here, damon there, damon damon everywhere
2002-09-07 welcome to creative apartment marketing, chicago-style.
2002-09-07 all right!
2002-09-07 cryptic message to dallas.
2002-09-07 another beautiful day.
2002-09-06 ladybugs.
2002-09-06 uh-oh.
2002-09-06 *sigh of a most gigantic nature*
2002-09-05 i am so lucky...
2002-09-05 driving home at dusk
2002-09-05 almost one year ago today
2002-09-04 i wish i could make things better for you...
2002-09-04 the fall of western civilization.
2002-09-03 living dangerously.
2002-09-03 a burning question...
2002-09-03 and so it is written...
2002-09-03 secret message #345432
2002-09-03 ooh, i just don't know which to order first...
2002-09-03 it is! honestly!
2002-09-03 hee hee.
2002-09-01 "le show"
2002-09-01 i'm awake again.
2002-09-01 party.
2002-09-01 yummy.
2002-08-31 ~swoon~
2002-08-31 flower man, flower man
2002-08-31 blah blah blah
2002-08-31 bye-bye, vibe man.
2002-08-31 *yawn*
2002-08-30 you would think...
2002-08-30 i am tired and sunburned
2002-08-30 tempted...
2002-08-30 "did you bring the weezers?"
2002-08-30 whoops.
2002-08-30 sad.
2002-08-29 hardy har har, fred.
2002-08-29 yippie yippie yay!
2002-08-29 have i ever mentioned my love of the old lemonhead candy logo?
2002-08-29 lazy ,lazy, lazy.
2002-08-28 magicians and ventriloquists
2002-08-28 i'd like to blame it on the full moon...
2002-08-28 dig me, dig my mold-a-rama tractor
2002-08-28 please tell me this is a joke.
2002-08-28 i don't have to work til later today...
2002-08-28 cryptic? nah.
2002-08-27 grrrrr....
2002-08-27 chicago outdoor film festival
2002-08-27 yes.
2002-08-27 big changes are coming
2002-08-27 "it ain't what ya do it's the way that you do it
2002-08-26 pssst....
2002-08-26 lux.
2002-08-26 the return of funky.
2002-08-26 a really good day.
2002-08-26 message.
2002-08-26 oh, but you crave it...
2002-08-26 can someone please explain to me
2002-08-26 what tangled webs we weave...
2002-08-26 curiosity...
2002-08-25 this feels like...
2002-08-25 in the ether.
2002-08-25 the first time ever i saw your face.
2002-08-25 eeeeeeek.
2002-08-25 foggy.
2002-08-24 accident.
2002-08-24 frustration.
2002-08-23 my cool nephew.
2002-08-23 anyone want a cat?
2002-08-23 haunted spaces.
2002-08-22 my moonbeam clock came today.
2002-08-22 for goodness sake...
2002-08-22 update.
2002-08-22 dis.
2002-08-22 employment.
2002-08-21 barbie hierarchy.
2002-08-21 fisher price toys.
2002-08-21 did you know.....???
2002-08-21 i don't want to work today.
2002-08-20 hey clowny!
2002-08-20 vertigo.
2002-08-20 i just found a new ring of hell.
2002-08-20 how and when do i know?
2002-08-20 lethargy.
2002-08-19 ism.
2002-08-19 early.
2002-08-18 too much to say
2002-08-18 donde esta mi buddy list?
2002-08-17 in case any of you were wondering...
2002-08-17 peoples' gas = agents of satan.
2002-08-17 ugly.
2002-08-16 friday night.
2002-08-16 i just ordered this.
2002-08-16 freelance hell.
2002-08-16 bemused, amused.
2002-08-15 friendly reminder for people in chicago
2002-08-15 it's official.
2002-08-15 hey damon!
2002-08-15 obscure lyric #43
2002-08-15 why???!!!
2002-08-15 if the wigwam's a'rockin, don't come a knockin'
2002-08-15 wigwam village!
2002-08-15 ouch.
2002-08-14 hair update
2002-08-14 ode upon diaryland's server
2002-08-14 it's love, oh yes, it's loooove...
2002-08-14 i call you killer...
2002-08-14 dreams.
2002-08-13 today.
2002-08-13 nightmare.
2002-08-12 "four eyes".
2002-08-12 flowers.
2002-08-12 more deep wisdom.
2002-08-12 food for thought.
2002-08-11 eeny, meeny, miny,
2002-08-11 nap dream.
2002-08-11 someone just sent me this:
2002-08-11 weekend.
2002-08-11 hey veg, this is for you!
2002-08-10 mullet jesus
2002-08-10 have you met my dead boyfriend Bob?
2002-08-10 it's new! it's improved!
2002-08-10 quote for j.
2002-08-10 list.
2002-08-09 update.
2002-08-09 unnerved.
2002-08-09 cicadas.
2002-08-09 fuck.
2002-08-09 lunch with d.
2002-08-09 doctor.
2002-08-09 dream.
2002-08-08 breathe out, so i can breathe you in.
2002-08-08 must. sleep.
2002-08-08 the next big thing
2002-08-07 attention chicagoans.
2002-08-07 witch doctor.
2002-08-07 decoder not provided.
2002-08-08 life is goooood....
2002-08-07 reminder to myself.
2002-08-07 write.
2002-08-06 then when the hurdy gurdy man comes singin songs of love...
2002-08-06 don't fear the reaper.
2002-08-07 hey you.
2002-08-06 last niiiiggghhht he saaaaiiiddd...
2002-08-06 praying kitty, sleeping tiger.
2002-08-05 oh
2002-08-05 dizziness.
2002-08-05 i see you...
2002-08-05 today.
2002-08-05 but..but...
2002-08-05 "the boy wants more?!"
2002-08-04 thank you, m.
2002-08-04 sleeplessness...
2002-08-04 not interested, period.
2002-08-04 thinking.
2002-08-04 horoscope.
2002-08-03 yikes.
2002-08-03 i always had the hots for morocco mole.
2002-08-03 tick...tick...tick...
2002-08-02 what am i doing this weekend? this:
2002-08-02 she's a jar with a heavy lid
2002-08-02 my brain hurts.
2002-08-02 hazardous duty.
2002-08-02 the return of the mystery nickels.
2002-08-01 i am trying NOT to break your heart.
2002-08-01 land of the lost!
2002-07-31 pondering imponderables.
2002-08-01 list of dead guys i have a crush on.
2002-07-30 "he's me uncle."
2002-07-30 don't ask.
2002-07-30 gulp.
2002-07-28 email roundup
2002-07-28 haiku for the wino.
2002-07-27 ick.
2002-07-27 lo-retty.
2002-07-26 hey carrot top, you're kinda cute!
2002-07-26 Slutty ho girl
2002-07-24 jiminy h. christmas...
2002-07-24 Watching movies in the great outdoors
2002-07-23 The Big Show!
2002-07-23 headache
2002-07-22 don't nobody know my troubles but god...
2002-07-21 haiku ka-choo, mrs. robinson
2002-07-21 things i learned this week.
2002-07-20 yee-haw
2002-07-19 it's not the heat...
2002-07-19 pink toenail polish
2002-07-18 things you will find at the corner bodega
2002-07-18 Insult.
2002-07-16 Gamera!
2002-07-17 ode upon my morning
2002-07-15 Yes, I fucked your friend. No, I don't want to fuck you.
2002-07-15 mystery nickels, part trois
2002-07-15 so happy together?
2002-07-14 ice cream truck
2002-07-12 go speed racer, go!
2002-07-12 coffee man
2002-07-11 all dialogue guaranteed 100% accurate!
2002-07-11 vocabulary test
2002-07-11 *sniff-sniff*
2002-07-11 holy shit
2002-07-11 mystery nickels update!
2002-07-11 goddamalamadingdong
2002-07-12 i'm gonna get you, sucka
2002-07-11 you say it's your birthday...
2002-07-10 mystery nickels
2002-07-11 nothing's gonna change my world...
2002-07-09 blahblahblah
2002-07-10 i must have died and gone to hell
2002-07-08 fred flintstone, prehistoric man of mystery
2002-07-08 mwb
2002-07-08 it came from my subconscious!!!!
2002-07-07 "these caahhhds ahhh mahhhhked"
2002-07-07 how's the lass tonight?
2002-07-05 Lima Bean.
2002-07-05 nap
2002-07-05 nope, no, nuh-uh.
2002-07-03 my poor brain.
2002-07-03 check.mate.
2002-07-03 suckage.
2002-07-02 my friend b.
2002-07-03 what are you listening to today?
2002-07-02 i am not .
2002-07-01 learning to learn
2002-07-02 Powderfinger
2002-06-30 if you meet the buddha on the road, kill him
2002-06-30 Writing
2002-06-30 what does one do when one hasn't a television?
2002-06-30 wanting
2002-06-26 eep.
2002-06-26 mr. x done put the hoodoo on me
2002-06-26 Stash
2002-06-25 this is a song about a superhero named PlowDog
2002-06-25 un-p.c. cartoon memories
2002-06-24 *sigh*
2002-06-24 the big bang-bang
2002-06-23 dear diary...
2002-06-23 winning through intimidation
2002-06-23 i got yer slim shady right here, pal
2002-06-23 Dear Ann Landers' corpse,
2002-06-23 icky new neighbors
2002-06-22 All Goulet, all the time
2002-06-22 The boy wants more??!!
2002-06-22 Grocery Store
2002-06-22 dreamy dreaming
2002-06-22 Mr. Armadillo
2002-06-22 The Tao of H.L. Mencken
2002-06-21 blah
2002-06-21 repeat entry
2002-06-21 Hey, kids, it's...
2002-06-20 hateful hating
2002-06-20 Lonely, lonely me
2002-06-21 Copper Penny Head
2002-06-20 say
2002-06-19 can't
2002-06-19 we
2002-06-18 what
2002-06-18 say
2002-06-18 to
2002-06-18 telephone
2002-06-17 the
2002-06-16 got
2002-06-16 we've
2002-06-16 away
2002-06-16 ourselves
2002-06-16 take
2002-06-16 to
2002-06-16 wheels
2002-06-15 got
2002-06-15 all
2002-06-14 we've
2002-06-14 arm
2002-06-14 the
2002-06-13 in
2002-06-13 shot
2002-06-12 a
2002-05-28 is
2002-05-26 need
2002-05-21 i
2002-05-20 all
2002-05-19 maybe
2002-05-17 way
2002-05-17 sky
2002-05-16 the
2002-05-16 in
2002-05-15 that
2002-05-15 me
2002-04-06 above

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