2005-12-24 Holiday Greetings from Chicago.
2005-12-21 Ass bowl.
2005-12-20 On the fly.
2005-12-16 All hands on deck!
2005-12-12 Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery...
2005-12-10 Rest in Peace, Sir.
2005-12-08 The numbers speak for themselves.
2005-12-07 Ice, ice baby.
2005-12-04 Persimmons.
2005-12-03 It's beginning to look at lot like Christmas...
2005-12-01 Do you have any right-wing nutjobs on your holiday list?
2005-11-30 Call me Ayn Random.
2005-11-29 Wery, wery Super Scarry.
2005-11-28 Last words.
2005-11-27 Thanks for nothing.
2005-11-22 What the hell did I eat last night?
2005-11-20 RIP Link Wray.
2005-11-20 A day of rest. Or as I like to call it, the Day I Go To Target.
2005-11-18 Such a cold fingahhhh....
2005-11-14 Conversation with the charge.
2005-11-13 How low can you go?
2005-11-12 "You're out there walkin' on a highway and all the signs have been blown away..."
2005-11-10 Inarticulate
2005-11-10 So anyway...
2005-11-06 Congratulations....
2005-11-02 M to the Mama.
2005-10-30 They came, they saw, they left.
2005-10-24 Sad news.
2005-10-22 Friday In The Park With Moms
2005-10-15 Weekend.
2005-10-13 Un-hand my foot!
2005-10-10 Blah blah flu blah blah.
2005-10-07 Mistakes are made...
2005-10-05 My heart is beating fast...
2005-10-02 It's a modern world.
2005-10-01 What the...?
2005-09-29 Hey, Laaaaaady!
2005-09-27 Texas, you suck at Fall.
2005-09-26 Dreamy dreams.
2005-09-25 Yo, Diaryland.
2005-09-17 -
2005-08-22 Come to where the flavor is...
2005-07-21 -
2005-07-20 Yo, dogs.
2005-06-29 -
2005-06-04 See ya later, d-land.
2005-06-02 Things that suck donkey dick.
2005-05-31 Weird link to a weird guy.
2005-05-27 Flying standby to Chicago on Memorial Day weekend.
2005-05-23 My eyes hurt.
2005-05-22 It's been a while since I posted a scary doll picture.
2005-05-22 Sunday morning coming down.
2005-05-21 Latest happenings.
2005-05-17 Looking for some new music recommendations?
2005-05-11 Favorite link of the week.
2005-05-10 Instilling hatred in children should be prosecutable.
2005-05-08 So you want to send Dave Letterman a birthday card...
2005-05-07 Oil ch-ch-ch-ch-change.
2005-05-04 Make it simple to last your whole life long.
2005-05-02 Bookish?
2005-05-01 More trivialities.
2005-04-27 If I went around shooting everyone who gives me the creeps, it would be a lonely planet, indeed.
2005-04-23 Ahahahahahaaaaaah!
2005-04-23 Useless information supposed to fire your imagination.
2005-04-20 This. Oh, and that. And that other thing.
2005-04-19 Turn around, Bright Eyes.
2005-04-17 Honeymoon Photo Phun
2005-04-17 Honeymoon
2005-04-17 Pic-to-rama!
2005-04-14 Pictures and further tales of the wedding coming soon.
2005-04-11 Lynda! Barry! Is! Coming! To! Austin!
2005-04-09 Let them sing it for you.
2005-04-09 Nice digs.
2005-04-07 Okay, so where were we...
2005-04-06 Thanks for nothing.
2005-04-06 The Decline of Western Civilization, Part 3
2005-04-01 Pissed Off.
2005-03-24 Eye of the Storm
2005-03-24 Hmmm...
2005-03-22 I'm turning Japanese I think I'm turning Japanese I really think so...
2005-03-18 Tiiiimmmmbbbeeeerrr!
2005-03-17 If...
2005-03-16 Hooray!
2005-03-15 Judy is a punk, Jackie is a runt...
2005-03-13 Way to blaspheme, honey.
2005-03-13 Printemps.
2005-03-08 Note to self: Avoid zoos in Japan.
2005-03-07 Wedding update
2005-03-05 Ephemera and a picture.
2005-03-05 Someone got paid a lot of money to title this show.
2005-03-05 I could use a little getaway.
2005-03-05 "I'm just funny that way..."
2005-03-04 An exchange with the charge.
2005-03-01 Thanks, T.
2005-02-21 Ass-sucky.
2005-02-21 Somehow, I picture him tossing a few back with Warren Zevon.
2005-02-15 Good lord, what an unattractive woman.
2005-02-13 Here comes the motherfucking bride.
2005-02-03 The time has come, the Walrus said, to talk of cake and stuff.
2005-02-02 Shower, sickness and a meme.
2005-01-23 All hail the King!
2005-01-20 "It's not just registering, it's ugly gift prevention."
2005-01-20 God damn you, Diaryland servers.
2005-01-15 It's gonna take an ocean of calamine lotion...
2005-01-11 Plow disk cookin' apparatus.
2005-01-08 Wedding stuff.
2005-01-07 Two ought ought five.
2005-01-07 Some recent gifts.
2005-01-06 Stay tuned.
2004-12-31 Mannequin update.
2004-12-29 Musings of two sick minds.
2004-12-27 Home again, home again jiggity jig.
2004-12-25 Merry Kringle.
2004-12-23 Notes on the trip.
2004-12-20 Chapter Five: In which I am freezing my ass off.
2004-12-16 Good god.
2004-12-15 A hearty holiday FUCK YOU to...
2004-12-12 Say hi!
2004-12-09 You tell 'em, T.
2004-12-07 Outta my head I sang...
2004-12-05 Salad Boat.
2004-12-02 This is a game called "Walking with a two-year-old."
2004-12-02 Everybody was kung fu fightin'
2004-12-01 Rest in peace, Casperillo.
2004-11-28 Lass, Lass Most Fat-Assed, How Does Your Garden Grow?
2004-11-28 Fall Into The Gap, Earthlings.
2004-11-21 More of the disjointed randomness you've come to expect.
2004-11-20 Bar notes.
2004-11-18 Oh, it's nothing.
2004-11-15 Happy Mondays.
2004-11-13 Big-ass mannequins.
2004-11-12 Blah. Blecch, even.
2004-11-11 Don't Tell ME I Need A Hobby...
2004-11-10 Wurstfest!!
2004-11-10 I am a camera.
2004-11-09 Happy Birthday to me!
2004-11-08 It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...
2004-11-06 "Speaking, speaking, speaking, speaking , speaking in code!"
2004-11-05 My God, how did I get here?
2004-11-03 Makes me wanna holler, throw up both my hands.
2004-10-31 BOO!
2004-10-29 For Miss Myra Lee
2004-10-27 For your listening pleasure...
2004-10-26 Lemme see my notes...
2004-10-21 Over by Chicago
2004-10-19 Riot in the crib!
2004-10-18 How the HELL did I miss the casting call for this?!
2004-10-18 "Inner Space Cavernnnnnnn!"
2004-10-10 Russian Candy
2004-10-07 Public Domain
2004-09-28 Lock Down.
2004-09-28 Oh, the volumes I could speak...
2004-09-26 Various and sundry...
2004-09-24 Rest in Peace, Old Timer.
2004-09-21 Thank god for the "Patriot Act"!!!!!
2004-09-21 So....
2004-09-20 Fuck you, Monday morning.
2004-09-16 No, no and no.
2004-09-13 I am slothful.
2004-09-11 Want to hang out with unattractive naked people?
2004-09-08 Purty.
2004-09-05 This is more urgent than a Nigerian email.
2004-08-31 Aw, this is so sweet of them!
2004-08-27 Looking for a wedding photographer.
2004-08-24 Darrin, Party of Stevens...
2004-08-23 In cars.
2004-08-19 All better.
2004-08-18 Got the fever.
2004-08-16 Single?
2004-08-13 Friday at last.
2004-08-12 If anyone wants to get me an early birthday present...
2004-08-10 Hopefully, it won't come to this.
2004-08-10 Yo, mama(s).
2004-08-08 Ooooohhh weeee!
2004-08-05 Follow up to yesterday's entry.
2004-08-04 Bloody Feminists.
2004-08-02 Update
2004-08-02 Miss Alainyus
2004-07-30 Yesterday can stay gone.
2004-07-29 An open letter to the person who iced the cake that was my shitty day.
2004-07-29 Shaken, not stirred.
2004-07-28 Wishing...
2004-07-27 The other, other anniversary.
2004-07-22 Chapter Twenty Five: I Am Tired.
2004-07-20 Yo, Jozka.
2004-07-19 Observed.
2004-07-18 Business in the front, party in the back
2004-07-16 Appropos, misspelling and all.
2004-07-16 Move it.
2004-07-14 There are some very cool people out there in Diaryland.
2004-07-12 Cake Toppers!
2004-07-11 Another Reason to Love the Internet
2004-07-07 I can't tell you where this place is because it's for sale and S. and I are buying it.
2004-07-07 Thumpin'
2004-07-05 It's the end of the world as we know it...
2004-07-05 Ew.
2004-07-01 The visitors.
2004-06-30 Wedding Belle
2004-06-29 Shepherding.
2004-06-25 Vacation
2004-06-23 Your (Ex-) Squaw Is On The Warpath Tonight.
2004-06-22 Obvious News.
2004-06-21 Weekend in review.
2004-06-20 Eight years...
2004-06-16 Today is Wednesday...
2004-06-13 Weekend-end.
2004-06-09 Perhaps the only reason to ever visit Elkhart, Indiana
2004-06-09 Aiiiyyyeeeeeee!
2004-06-08 Stuff.
2004-06-07 Dang.
2004-06-06 Here's to good friends...
2004-06-03 Rules of Engagement
2004-05-31 So...
2004-05-30 Tasty.
2004-05-28 Friday in my day.
2004-05-26 Gettin' Quizzy Wid It.
2004-05-24 Good day.
2004-05-24 Know this.
2004-05-23 Really uninteresting shit about Austin and some random stuff.
2004-05-21 Waffle House Weenie.
2004-05-20 Thursday blues.
2004-05-18 Fingered by his own finger.
2004-05-18 Day is Done.
2004-05-18 I'm not in Kansas anymore.
2004-05-18 First day.
2004-05-17 Hear my silent scream.
2004-05-15 Celebrate!
2004-05-14 Yay !
2004-05-13 I am a happy Lass.
2004-05-11 We got all nature-y and stuff.
2004-05-09 Happy Mother's Day
2004-05-09 Observed.
2004-05-08 Music for kids
2004-05-08 Thank you Lone Star, for the fucked- up dreams.
2004-05-07 Trouble in the animal kingdom.
2004-05-06 Attention travelers...
2004-05-06 Stuck.
2004-05-04 True Confession.
2004-05-04 "I wanna tell you about my hometown..."
2004-05-04 I have only one question...
2004-05-01 On the fly.
2004-04-30 Go Speed Racer, Go!
2004-04-30 "'Cause I am your ladyfriend...and you are my manfriend..."
2004-04-29 In praise of pens.
2004-04-28 Lunch, anyone?
2004-04-27 It's a page about nothing!
2004-04-26 Scattered thoughts.
2004-04-24 Yo, RS...
2004-04-24 Poodle Paneer
2004-04-23 Dreams and Randomness.
2004-04-21 Drinkin' wine spo-dee-o-dee
2004-04-19 Job accepted.
2004-04-19 Gruene-er Pastures
2004-04-17 Love In the Time of Gun-toting Dumbasses
2004-04-17 Attention Baby Owners
2004-04-16 Chapter 564: In which I drink too much and have my first trip to a Sonic drive-in.
2004-04-15 Yay!
2004-04-15 Wildlife fun with Lass.
2004-04-14 Google hit of the month!
2004-04-14 Don't you want me, baby?
2004-04-13 Random Ramble.
2004-04-09 And a happy good morning to you...
2004-04-08 My day...
2004-04-06 Of phone calls and Wal-Mart.
2004-04-06 Linky.
2004-04-04 Sip and swallow(s).
2004-04-03 Oh, Miss Stuuummmbbllles....
2004-04-02 A big Lass FUCK YOU to...
2004-03-31 The doghouse.
2004-03-30 Photo phun, redux-redux.
2004-03-27 I don't want to sound callous about this, but...
2004-03-27 Are you a boy or are you a girl?
2004-03-26 Heebie Jeebies
2004-03-26 Heebie Jeebies
2004-03-24 Remember that X-Files episode about the serial killer who loved women's hair?
2004-03-22 Weekend highlights.
2004-03-20 My friend Matthew.
2004-03-19 One more time-waster for you today.
2004-03-19 Internet fun!
2004-03-19 What makes this country great?
2004-03-19 The bridges of Lass' troubled psyche.
2004-03-18 Oh yeah?
2004-03-18 Jesus died for somebody's sins, but not mine...
2004-03-18 Do you like peanuts?
2004-03-18 More randomosity.
2004-03-17 Dear Friend,
2004-03-17 Bad news from the rock world.
2004-03-17 It's an all new you!!
2004-03-16 Runaround.
2004-03-15 Every child's worst nightmare.
2004-03-12 Last night's damages.
2004-03-11 Anniversary.
2004-03-10 Randomosity.
2004-03-09 Blah. And might I add, blah.
2004-03-06 Feeling better.
2004-03-05 Here's a tip:
2004-03-05 Sometimes, all I need is the air that I breathe and to love you.
2004-03-05 Veiled.
2004-03-04 Way to whore out people's pain, George.
2004-03-04 FIRE ANTS MUST DIE!!!
2004-03-02 Welcome to Stepford.
2004-03-01 Travels, travails, trivialities.
2004-02-28 Random, mostly Austin-related crap.
2004-02-27 Neeiiiighhhh!
2004-02-26 Who else does this?
2004-02-25 So...
2004-02-25 My head hurts.
2004-02-24 People of Earth, Hear Me!
2004-02-20 Thank you, Isamu Taniguchi.
2004-02-20 Baby, she can drive your car.
2004-02-19 Ode Upon Peter Pan Golf
2004-02-19 Photo Phun.
2004-02-19 S. and I had our portraits painted.
2004-02-19 I..just..go..beserk!
2004-02-18 Yippie!
2004-02-17 Weekend notes.
2004-02-15 Are you Catholic?
2004-02-14 Hey S.!
2004-02-14 Why?
2004-02-13 Yeah, like these guys are in ANY danger of getting some.
2004-02-13 Phone call.
2004-02-13 What the....???
2004-02-12 Bad and Good
2004-02-12 Tick Food!
2004-02-11 Trees are wood!
2004-02-10 Ew ew ew ew ew ewwwwww!
2004-02-09 Frustration.
2004-02-07 P.S.
2004-02-07 The Move, Part Two.
2004-02-06 People Gotta Move!
2004-02-05 People of Austin, I beseech you!
2004-02-04 Happy Birthday...
2004-02-03 I am home.
2004-01-29 One for the road.
2004-01-30 Waaaah.
2004-01-27 And I think my spaceship knows which way to go...
2004-01-26 I Heart Bureaucracy.
2004-01-26 Hey Veg!!
2004-01-25 Saturday doin's.
2004-01-25 Conversation with Annie.
2004-01-23 Strange brew, girl what's inside of you...
2004-01-23 Yo Yo Yo.
2004-01-23 The Snowy Day.
2004-01-23 Oh Captain, my Captain...
2004-01-21 Over by Chicago.
2004-01-21 Okay, where to start with the dreams
2004-01-20 A few choice words.
2004-01-19 It's cryin' time again...
2004-01-20 Oh man...
2004-01-18 Can'
2004-01-17 Icy.
2004-01-16 Woozy.
2004-01-16 Errands abounding.
2004-01-15 Blah.
2004-01-13 Of vinyl and ill-gotten crates.
2004-01-13 Details.
2004-01-12 Tired.
2004-01-10 Party hearty.
2004-01-09 Drunk? Why yes, yes I am.
2004-01-09 Too much presh-ah.
2004-01-09 List.
2004-01-08 Kill da wabbit...kill da wabbit!
2004-01-08 City.
2004-01-07 Uncivil servants.
2004-01-07 B. be illin'.
2004-01-06 Confession.
2004-01-06 I've got one, two, three, four, five senses working overtime...
2004-01-06 Better, but hyper.
2004-01-05 My weekend...
2004-01-04 Sure, go ahead...
2004-01-03 Why I could never work in the service industry.
2004-01-02 Spent today...
2004-01-02 Yeah, yeah...
2004-01-01 We're Number One!
2004-01-01 It is the evening of the day...

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